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Electronics and Communication

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Electronics & Communication
Electronic and communication engineering

The communications industry offers wired, wireless and satellite services using such devices as wired phone and cable TV, as well as cellular phone, broadband and mobile Internet, and satellite TV, among others. Fast data transmission is used by many businesses, households and individuals.

The Electronics and Communications Engineering Technology program in RightClick Solln emphasizes technical skills that can be used to help develop, install, test and maintain communications systems. The curriculum includes subjects related to wired and wireless communication with complementary topics in mathematics. Courses emphasize the technical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The focus of the B.Tech. degree programme is on 'Wireless Communications'. The curriculum is so designed as to give adequate emphasis on the digital processing of information for efficient communication over noisy channels. In tune with the above objective, the syllabus features core courses like Statistical Theory of Communication, DSP Architectures and Systems, Communication Switching Systems, Computer Networks, Communication Electronic Circuits, Microwave Components and Circuits, Satellite Communication, Photonic Devices and Systems, giving a balanced coverage of the theory and practice of modern Communication Engineering.

The types of work environments that may use graduates with these skills include among others: data and telecommunications service providers; TV and satellite services organizations; computer network sales and services organizations; electronic systems R&D facilities; and entertainment industries.

Faculty members are encouraged to take independent initiatives in all the relevant academic and research & development activities including teaching, research, and curriculum development,continuing education programmes, and organization of workshop, short term courses, and seminars / conferences.

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